Domhnall Ua Muiredaigh, chief lector of Daire of Colum-cille, after great suffering felicitously finished his life. And Muircertach O'Millugain (or O'Maelagain) was chosen in his stead.

[Airt, Seán Mac & Niocaill, Gearóid Mac (Ed): The Annals of Ulster (Dublin (1983), Vol. II, p 245]


Fonachtan Ua Bronain, successor of St. Colum-cille, rested in peace. And there ensued contention between the Community of Daire and the Cenel-Eogain, respecting the selection in his stead. It is this was done then: the Community of Daire chose Mac Cathmail into the succession and Aedh Ua Neill and the Cenel-Eogain chose Flann Ua Brolcain. After that, moreover, there ensued, contention between the Community of Daire and O'Brolcain and O'Brolcain was put out of the succession. After that, moreover, the Community of Daire and the Cenel-Eogain chose Muircertach Ua Millugain, namely, lector of Daire, into the succession. And he had the lectorship and the succession for a year, or a little more. And there ensued contention between Geoffrey Ua Daighri, namely, herenagh of Daire and O'Millugain, that is, the abbot, respecting the lectorship, so that they appealed to the judgment of the successor of Patrick and he made peace between them. And John, son of the late Lector, was chosen into the lectorship, according to the successor of Patrick and the successor of Colum-cille and the community of Daire besides.

[Airt, Seán Mac & Niocaill, Gearóid Mac (Ed): The Annals of Ulster (Dublin (1983), Vol. II, p 269]


At the Justiciar’s Court held at Kildare the following Pleas were heard.

‘In as much as Will son of William, Ric son of William, Walter Britt, Roger Britt, Gregory Hopper, Will son of Maurice, Donald Ofgryt, Will the cook, Hugh Stapylton, Will Owyt, Ric Brun, Will the miller, John Owyt, Ric Lacy, Conyn Oduffy, John Connyl, Walter Bromyard, Walter Broun, Ric de Malegan, Moryertagh Offogrith, Roger the cook, Walter de Valle, Gillesse Ocrescy, Will Rath, and Philip Hohgan, were in the last war of the King in Scotland in the company of John de Fresyngfeld, suit of the King’s peace of all trespasses by them done to the octave of S. Michael last, is pardoned to them. Therefore let letters be made to them’.

[Mills, James (editor): Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls of Ireland (1905), p. 428]

July 8, 1310

Yet of Pleas of the Crown at Dublin before John Wogan, 8 July Justiciar, in the Quinzaine of St John Baptist, a. r. 4. Ralph Mulghan, charged that he, together with other malefactors, came by night to Miriyonge with horses and sacks and there stole from the hastivel of William le Devenys to the value of five shillings, comes and defends, etc. And John the clerk, John Davy, Alan de Crosse, John Halfide, Gregory Tauntoun, Thomas Tauntoun, John de Roche, Ph., son of David, Peter de Achdodenagh, Jordan le Waleys, William Chaumbirleyn, and Geoffrey Chevere, jurors, say that Ralph is not guilty and is not suspected, etc. Therefore he is quit.

[Calendar of Justiciary Rolls or Proceedings in the Court of the Justiciar of Ireland, 1 to VII years of Edward II, (Dublin), p. 153]